The Time Is Now

It's summer time 2018 - we are already closing in on the second decade of the second millennium
Did you decide that this year will be the year you finally lose weight and get in shape. But as the weeks and months ticked by y your motivation fadied, yes you went a hand full of times to a gym maybe stopped taking sugar in your coffee and cut down on late night snacks.

However despite you best efforts your will power was lacking you lost whatever the motivation you had to go to the gym and well that slice of cake is just too tempting.

You are not alone – every year 1000's and probably millions of people say that this year they will lose the weight, get more exercise, lose the pounds and just get fitter. But the truth is MANY of those people will fail, give up and well if we are honest just lack the will power to reach their goals. I know what they and you feel like. I spent years giving out about my appearance and my weight. I remember looking into a mirror in a restaurant with a friend and noticing my face was getting fatter My waist expanded and I had to buy larger size clothes. While I wasn't at a risky weight or was massively unhealthy I wasn't happy with how I looked.

I avoided having my photo taken I wore baggier clothes and just felt very self-conscious

However last year I decided that I had to take action. I couldn't wish the weght away. I had to do something.
I finally stopped making excuses and motivated myself set goals, got advice and took up the challenge,
And it worked I passed by my initial goal of losing 10 Lbs quickly and set myself more goals.
Since I started I have lost 30 Lbs dropped a couple of dress sizes and feel fantastic. I figured out that when you take action and are motivated you can achieve your goals and I want to help others drop their weight and fell great too I want 2016 to be the year you finally lose fat, get your energy back and become more active. A better you

I have a few tips that will help no matter what your goal is – to just lose a few pounds, fit into an old dress you have or even get “beach body ready” - it may not feel like it but summer isn't that far a way

So here are the three tips that helped me lose the weight and they can help you to.

1. Watch what you eat and replace all unhealthy foods with healthy options. You don't need to starve your self but you do need to make sure you aren't over eating. Replaced processed foods with healthy options. Instead of ordering a Chinese meal make one your self its easy and quick. Cut out white bread as much as possible you don't need to say no to eating carbs but try and replace white rice pasta and bread with brown or whole wheat alternatives.

Also on a personal note I would recommend green tea, you don't need to buy expensive supplements or anything just pick up some cheap at a local store it did wonders for me.

2. Enjoy your exercise – exercising doesn't need to be hard or boring find something enjoyable and stick to it. It could be cycling, going for a long walk or swimming. In-fact swimming is a great aerobic exercise that gets your whole body moving. Also you can take up a sport. This can be great fun and you can meet new people and make friends.

3. Set Your goals and achieve them. Set small achievable goals that you can reach. And when you do reach them it is OK to reward yourself. My first goal was to lose just 10lb but when I did I set more goals to lose more weight and just kept going. I am now light than I have been in a long time and I feel great. Also there is no better motivation when a friend you haven't seen in a while asks “Have you lost weight”

I hope you have found this helpful or that you fell more motived but my number 1 tip for you is to set a plan that works for you ans stick to it That's why I recommend “My Easy Diet Pan” its a simple guide you can sign up to for free and get more tips and advice on losing weight and becoming healthier. As I said it is free so what have you to lose. Just click on the link below and fill out the simple form on the next page and this time next year you could have the body you always wanted

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