10 biggest beauty trends of 2018 so far

We all love to look good, and we appreciate when other people are beautiful. The thing is that the general concept of beauty has changed many, many times throughout human society, and it still continues to change today, sometimes even every year. While beautiful will always mean beautiful and certain aspects of beauty will never change, beauty and whats considered beautiful involves constantly. Here are the ten biggest beauty trends of 2018 so far:

  1. Beauty products that fight pollution effects

    As our planet becomes more polluted, our skin tends to suffer the consequences. One of the biggest trends that started this year and is expected to continue growing is beauty products specifically designed to fight pollution, and even products that target related issues, such as damage caused by air conditioning and heating, and even the blue light that computers and cellphones emit.

  2. Products are going “clean”

    “Clean” is a word to describe beauty products and brands that are, to simply put it, free of harmful ingredients, and while it has been the focus of attention of consumers, experts and companies alike for a somewhat long time, in 2018 it has started to gain even more attention. Since there is something known as “the wellness movement” that many people have adopted into their lifestyles, the definition of physical well being has changed, and with it, the approach of consumers to beauty products. Brands are starting to offer products free of certain ingredients that, while effective, have proven to be at least a little bit harmful.

  3. Brands are becoming more and more inclusive

    The phrase “come on, we live at the 21st century” that people use when someone makes amazingly retrograde statements has started to permeate beauty products and brands. Especially since last year inclusiveness and tolerance received major attention thanks to many social changes around the world, in 2018 brands have started to take inclusiveness more seriously than ever, including models and products for all types and colors of skin, sizes and types of bodies and even religion-friendly products such as kosher.

  4. Patches and facial masks

    While facial masks have been around since forever, they were usually perceived as something necessary but not so chic or pleasant, something you would do before going to sleep and you wouldn’t want anyone to see you wearing it. But, in case you don’t use social networks facial masks and patches have lately been proudly displayed by many celebrities, which naturally has lead to the general public going crazy for them, in some occasions even raising them to a social status necessity.

  5. Products and packaging that go easy on the environment

    As society grows, our planets seems smaller and smaller, and practically every serious brand of any industry in the world now has a responsibility to decrease the damage they do to the environment. Because of this, you should expect to see more eco-friendly products every day, that either cause minimal effects on the environment when being produced or that come in bio-degradable packaging –in ideal cases, both.

  6. Treating your entire skin, not just your face

    Since your face is the first thing anyone sees when you encounter them, for a long time most beauty products were focused on the skin of your face. But 2018 has witnessed thelaunch of several products that aim to bring your entire body the same benefits you used to only want for your face. Full body exfoliators and anti-ageing products for every inch of your skin are trending in 2018, and this is expected to continue over many years to come.

  7. Products tailored specifically for you

    Intimately related to the diversity and inclusiveness we mentioned above, 2018, thanks to all the technology available, has been the year for new bespoke beauty products. Companies are taking into account very personal factors to offer you the best product that you particularly need, with some companies going as far as testing your DNA to specifically target your causes for aging or other companies doing a computational analysis of your skin to suggest the best makeup.

  8. Gadgets everywhere

    Again, thanks to new technologies, you no longer have to schedule a special and incredibly expensive session to get a cutting-edge treatment for your skin; the machines that used to be worth thousands of dollars and be placed in a special clinic now fit in your purse and can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars to get very advanced treatments in the comfort of your own home.

  9. Products that use cannabis

    The ongoing discussion about the benefits and risks of marijuana legalization has permeated the beauty industry. In 2018, you can expect to see more products on the shelves every month that include cannabis in some form, since cannabis extract has been found to have anti-inflammatory and calming effects of the skin –while at the same time being a very hot topic that will certainly earn brands a certain amount of free publicity-.

  10. Supplements

    Although dietary supplements have been around for a while, they were usually taken for health reasons and the beauty effects were only regarded as a pleasant secondary effect. Well, in 2018 it has become a trend to take supplements specifically targeted towards achieving beauty goals and improving your skin or preventing premature ageing.

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